Assembly of the Volcano Cake Part 1 — The Cake

While the birthday volcano cake wasn’t an overall difficult task, the many parts and pieces required certainly made it a project! Here’s how the cake portion came together (more fondant fun to follow!)

First, I baked two Golden Butter Cream Cakes, which I allowed to cool for 12+ hours before filling and frosting.

Confession: ok, ok…I actually baked four of these stinking cakes to get two that were perfectly done and the exact same size. I basically had the cake recipe memorized by the time I was done.

After the cakes were cooled, I transferred one to the planned cake board and coated with White Chocolate Ganache.

Once the ganache had set, the cake was then coated with an even layer of the Strawberry Cake Filling.

The second Golden Butter Cream Cake was then placed over the filling.

The whole yummy mess is then dirty iced. Dirty icing (or dirty iced) is a fun term which basically just means that a thin, even layer of buttercream icing is thrown on the cake. It doesn’t have to look nice as it’s purpose is just to create a sticky coating for the fondant to adhere to.

This is my first time covering a cake with fondant. I had played with fondant before when decorating cakes, but using fondant as a covering was a whole new adventure! First I had to dye the fondant to obtain the oceanic color I was looking for. This required a whole lot of kneading, but was a much less expensive option than buying colored fondant. A whole lotta white fondant + various food coloring options = lots of fun colors of fondant to play with!

After the fondant reached the perfect ocean blue (in my opinion, anyway) I rolled it out way more than I needed too, as you can see from the picture!  I was so afraid that it wouldn’t cover my cake I got a little extreme.  But, oh well…the best thing about fondant is that you can roll it, and re-roll it, and so on and so forth!

Anyway, after covering the cake with fondant, the excess was trimmed and saved for another use.

Wait…there still has to be a volcano in here somewhere!  Using the wonderful German Chocolate Cake recipe and the top half of the Great Chocolate Cupcake pan, the ever important volcano was created.  A little chocolate frosting and some chocolate cookie crumbles completed the overall volcano appearance!

The rest of the cake will be discussed shortly when the fun with fondant continues!

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