Peppers, Peppers, and More Peppers!

It seems that my overzealous interest in my raspberries has now been transferred to the various peppers in the garden! My husband has always loved peppers and spicy foods, and I have grown to love them as well (being pregnant helped quite a bit, as I constantly craved spicy foods). There are peppers growing in our garden that I’ve never seen the plants of before, and the variation of the growing styles is so interesting!  The pepper above is a Serrano pepper.  I love how this little guy is almost more pepper than plant!

These are Eisley Waxed Peppers.  I’ve only seen them pickled as Bruno’s Waxed Peppers previously, so it will be fun to see how they taste fresh!  But, I am impressed because they look exactly like the ones I’ve seen in the jar.  Must be doing something right!

This is the Garden Salsa Hot Pepper.  I love how they are all curling in on themselves!  We plan to use them exactly as they are named…bring on the salsa!

The Fresno Pepper is the cutest one of all though!  I love how the peppers point upwards and are in the shape of little Christmas lights.  These peppers still have a way to go, as they get hotter as they ripen!

The dragonflies are all over the garden and backyard right now.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many back there before, especially this large.  Guess they are enjoying the mild summer as well!

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